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Federal Court Litigation

Rhode Island and Massachusetts Federal Defense Lawyer Fights Tirelessly for You

Experienced litigation attorney represents clients aggressively in federal matters

When you are involved in a federal court case, it is natural to feel intimidated. At George J. West & Associates, we have many years of experience representing clients in federal court cases, and we never back down. With offices in Providence and Cambridge, we serve clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts who are dealing with all types of federal court cases, including federal civil defense, federal criminal defense, state court lawsuits that could be removed to federal court, and civil lawsuits filed in federal court.

Well-respected law firm provides federal civil defense services

Federal civil defense cases arise when a plaintiff files a claim against a defendant. Although these cases don’t involve criminal charges or penalties, they can still result in significant fines or other serious consequences for the defendant. Our firm takes the time to review your case carefully so we can build a customized defense strategy that gives you the best chance of winning in court.

Knowledgeable counselor protects your rights in federal criminal defense cases

Crimes that violate federal criminal law are handled differently from those that violate state laws. If you are accused of one of these crimes, your case will be heard in federal criminal court, which can be both overwhelming and intimidating. Some examples of federal crimes include crimes committed on federal property, crimes that cross state lines, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud and money counterfeiting. We have decades of experience defending clients against federal criminal charges, and we know what’s at stake, so we will defend you aggressively in federal court.

Established attorney takes on state court lawsuits that could be removed to federal court

In some instances, a case filed in state court can be removed to federal court by the defendant. In general, removal is only possible when the case could have been filed in federal court at the time of the initial filing. If you are involved in one of these cases, our firm can determine whether your case can be moved to federal court, and we can help you complete the removal process, if applicable. Once your case is established in federal court, we will work with you to develop a solid litigation strategy.

Skilled law firm provides comprehensive representation for clients with civil lawsuits filed in federal court

Civil lawsuits in federal court usually involve a dispute between two parties that relates to federal law. Civil disputes may also fall under federal jurisdiction when parties are from different states or countries. At George J. West & Associates, we thoroughly understand the federal civil litigation process. We will help you construct and present strong arguments in court to give you the best chance of success.

Contact a Massachusetts and Rhode Island federal court litigation attorney today

Federal court litigation is a complex process, but George J. West & Associates is here to help you navigate the federal judicial system and press for a positive result. Please call us today at 401-868-1183 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation at our Providence or Cambridge office.

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